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Estate Planning is trending more than ever before! That means your clients could be scrambling to find a quick, easy, and affordable way to protect their families and assets. That's where you step in, ready to recommend exactly what they need when they need it. All made possible by NetLaw Advisor!

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Fill out basic information about you and your company to generate a unique-to-you referral code.


Invite your clients

Start sending invitations to your clients with your unique code.


Engage and Support

Once registered, begin helping your clients evaluate their legacy and other needs from a single source.

It's just as simple for your clients!

Your clients can effortlessly shape their legacy while safely sitting at home:

  • Sign up to NetLaw Legacy App using your unique referral code
  • Fill out their family profile
  • Use a dropdown to make elections quickly
  • Assemble and execute their documents

Try NetLaw Legacy Experience Yourself!

NetLaw Advisor Rewards

Enjoy the benefits of your free Advisor account:

  • Turbocharge your clientele with high-quality estate planning resources
  • Earn a referral fee for each plan sold
  • Utilize FREE marketing in the NetLaw Legacy application
  • Build rapport with clients by efficiently identifying and serving their needs

Legacy Client Rewards

Reward your clients with the best:

  • National lawyer-backed documents
  • Lightning-fast document generation
  • Access to a full suite of legacy planning legal documents
  • Free spouse documents
  • Optimized for desktop and on-the-go usage

Visit the NetLaw Legacy website to learn more about customer experience.

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