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Net Law Group offers an online destination for consumers to prepare their Wills, Trusts, Healthcare documents, and Powers of Attorney as they experience different life events. Critical life documents can be created, managed, and stored in a private and secure environment. Additionally, members can choose from and connect with a nationwide network of attorneys that specialize in estate planning, elder law, and special needs planning.


NetLaw was founded in 2012 with one vision: to transform the way legal services are delivered. From this vision, the NetLaw Platform was born – enabling the average American to generate and share basic estate planning documents to voice their wants and wishes. Before the idea of online estate planning, NetLaw was already pioneering this concept to enhance and transform the estate planning industry. Before NetLaw, individuals were either spending countless resources to develop their estate planning documents, or not completing their documents at all. NetLaw believes that everyone should have access to complete the basic estate planning documents. Today, NetLaw educates individuals on the importance and basics of estate planning. NetLaw delivers an affordable, efficient solution to businesses, which encourages their customers, patients, and employees to take care of tomorrow, today.

NetLaw and its team of brand ambassadors abide by the following core values:

  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Professionalism
  • Esprit de Corps


During the last 8 years of working in estate planning area, we developed specific processes, which we are in the process of patenting.

SmartGuide Interviews™ backed by

Content Management System for Document Creation

The present disclosure relates to an interactive interview process for acquiring data for document creation, and to systems and methods including dynamic templates for creation of such documents.

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NetLaw Platform backed by

Cloud-Based Enterprise-Customizable Multi-Tenant Service Interface

A method for transparently providing a customized enterprise-specific interface application in a cloud-hosted computing system environment includes, at application runtime, selecting a core application defined for a group of enterprises requiring a same core application functionality.

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NetLaw Platform Logo

A set of interlinked APIs enabling organizations to build new or enhance existing online legal solutions. From interview, document creation, and encrypted storage to payments, notifications, and collaboration, NetLaw Platform serves as a base for your future online estate planning solutions.

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The second iteration of our consumer-oriented product delivers improved user experience, speed and is highly customizable for any organization's needs. This modern web application uses the latest web browser standards and is an excellent showcase of what our new NetLaw Platform can do.

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For advisors wishing to offer their clients estate planning solution we developed this partnership program. While clients benefit from their advisor's expertise they also gain access to NetLaw Legacy application. Additionally, advisors get their own portal with systematic insights into wishes and needs of their clients.


In 2012, Hargrove Madden, a Kentucky-based law firm, launched a new platform for delivering online estate planning services. The online service earned the firm the prestigious James Keane Award for Excellence in eLawyering from the American Bar Association in the same year.

As a result, NetLaw was launched as a separate and new technology company to build a nationwide network of estate planning attorneys and change the delivery of online estate planning services. At NetLaw, our core belief is that consumers, regardless of net worth, want convenience, affordability and an easier way to help them protect their families and assets.

James Keane Award for Excellence in eLawyering

* James I. Keane Award given to Hargrove Madden for the software platform used by NetLaw to develop its product.


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Alex J Hargrove, JD @ahargrovenl

Attended Washington and Lee Law School before co-founding a legal technology company, Net Law Group (, in 2012.

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Alex J Hargrove, JD @ahargrovenl

Attended Washington and Lee Law School before co-founding a legal technology company, Net Law Group (, in 2012.

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